Wednesday, April 20, 2011

fredericksburg {a memoir}

This one time*, my three best soul sistas from high school and I took a highly anticipated trip to the Texas Hill Country.
*: last week

drawn, of course, completely to scale.

As the front seat passenger, I assumed the weighty responsibility of dee-jaying the six hour drive. A 3-1 vote determined that only music from our high school years would be allowed. Highlight: Wide Open Spaces by the Dixie Chicks. I belted out the album in its entirety, remembering the the days of no responsibility when the Dixie Chicks were apolitical and still made music. Lowlight: Little Black Backpack.

We found this homemade gem buried deep within Lindsey's CD case:

made by not just Amy -- made by "Amy!"
Back in the day, Amy had a both a CD burner and access to Napster before anyone else. Luckily, she's always delighted in doing nice things for her friends. Drop a not-very-subtle hint that you liked the new Britney song and the next morning, voila! She'd hand you a personalized CD before 1st period... with a seascape on the cover!

But I digress. We got to Fredericksburg and to our cottage. It looked like this:

We ate dinner at Hondo's on Main Street. It looked like this:

So far as I can tell, queso is more or less non-existent in California. A of all, this state is ass-backwards; B of all, to compensate we wolfed down a bowl per meal. Except once when we plowed through two.

We went to Luckenbach, Texas.

Not too much going on on a Thursday night, but then again:

The population is 3. Or is it?
A bartender named Moon Dawg informed us that this is incorrect and that the population is now 1. We also met a female security guard named Carmen and an over-served 60-something man, presumably a regular, named Joohhhhtttthhhhrrrt.

I highly recommend Fredericksburg Trade Days for a low-key antiquing experience and because of this:

and this:

and this:
and this:

We also went wine tasting at Becker Vineyards. Henri from France was our sommelier.

When he's not pouring wine, Henri is a cowboy. He really, really liked Amy. "Amy, I am so glad I have met you," he said. His son goes to the University of Oklahoma, which is where Amy went to school. A photo op was born.

 We took photos of random things.

We went to Buc's. Karaoke happened.

Then it was time to go home. :(

*Special thanks to Lindsey for letting me share some of her photos (she took the ones that are good) and for the photography lessons while we were in Fredericksburg! She's the bomb dot gov.