Wednesday, August 25, 2010

that dog looks very uncomfortable.

If ever, and I mean ever, you find yourself moping about on a rainy day feeling sorry for yourself because you never really fit in as a child, please slap yourself in the face and take a moment to meditate over the two "superheroes" I dressed as on "Hero Day" in first and second grades respectively:
1st grade:

 Juliette Gordon Low, founder, Girl Scouts of America. Deaf.

Samoas are delicious.

2nd grade:

Helen Keller, Miracle Worker/BFF to Anne Sullivan. Also: Deaf.

I don't remember why I chose her but that dog looks very uncomfortable.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

howdy y'all

Outside their state I think Texans are a little frightened and very tender in their feelings, and these qualities cause boasting, arrogance, and noisy complacency -- the outlets of shy children. At home Texans are none of these things.

-- John Steinbeck, Travels with Charley, i.e. why I was fated to be an English major.
Sometimes, I write stuff because after stewing over something random I become convinced that my thoughts are SO DEEP and might even benefit someone else a smidgen, omg please let that be the case!? Other times, I write stuff because something funny happened that day, or because I had an epiphany about California drivers or how depressing the film Easy Rider is even though I'm kind of jealous they got to do that, or about Larry King's imminent mortality or how badly I want a dog. Still other times, I write stuff because I find myself in my childhood bedroom and it's 102 degrees at 11:00 P.M. and realize I haven't bloggety-blogged in almost a month, like I have this super important life that includes children/professional direction/pressing obligations apart from posing as an adult?

Overlapping with the above scenarios is that sometimes when I'm in Texas, like now, I wish I could freeze time. Even though I haven't spent more than a few days in the August heat since 2005 and had forgotten how grueling it is, and even though I choke when trying to inhale oxygen outside until nighttime, and despite that my parents' deceptive air conditioning unit displays 67 degrees, which guess what Honeywell, is a total farce since you and I both know you won't dip below 80 until well into October... Even still, I don't care. I wish I could freeze time right now.

I went to college in Ohio and have since lived in four different cities. During one spring break phone conversation with Amy shortly before graduation, I remember saying, "Guess what: I'm not Coppell anymore!" 


I choose implicitly to NOT revisit what exactly "I'm not Coppell anymore!" was supposed to mean in my co-ed spring breaking, hot-dang-i'm-evolved mind, but wow. Someone had gotten too big for her Texas britches. Oh, but she was wrong. She had no idea she'd live in D.C., then Chicago for three years, Dallas again and then San Diego and the only accent she'd pick up along the way was a Midwestern one and she'd love it. Or that she'd get married and make a life with Mike in California, a great one, but that Texas would be home for them forever and she wouldn't recognize herself or the love of her life if it were any other way.