Tuesday, March 2, 2010

let's play dress-up

If I could bottle the feeling I get when I walk into Anthropologie, I would sell it on the black market and I would bank. My well-documented love affair is storied and at times torrid. It's much more than a retail thing. The closest things to a worship experience I've had outside of church have happened between the walls of the House of Anthropologie. My dopamine level skyrockets just walking through the doors.

Spring is my favorite time of year, especially after this El NiƱo-ravaged winter. But I love it most because of the clothes. Anthropologie kicks off its primo wooing season every year around mid-February with window displays of whimsical floral dresses and gauzy popsicle-hued tops. And I salivate. I popped in yesterday while "running errands," and it was one such visit that almost moved me to tears. I left sans purchasing anything (self-pat on my back) but there were moments of zen all the same.

These are a few gems I'm still dreaming about. Budget, schmudget I say. It may still be 40 degrees in Dallas, but look at these frocks and tell me spring hasn't sprung. I can't wait!